Monday, February 9, 2009

The Decision

I have bought a ticket to Israel and I'm going to go live there for awhile. I really need a break and I need to go do something for myself as well. CU is a great place and I love Boulder and the people here in my life. I also love Israel very much, as I have the Jewish connection. Some of my best friends live in Israel. The Israelis I have met are from Taglit (Birthright 2007) Soldiers, Camp Staff '07/'08, campers (Camp CPLV), and the other random and sweet Israelis in Colorado. My experiences in Israel are some of the most meaningful and important experiences I have lived, thus far in my life.

Leaving CU has been a decision I have not taken lightly. Yes, I know that its stupid. "Why Don't you just Graduate first?" "Why give up what you have here?" "Where are you going to be most effective?" "You can move there after you graduate..." "You have to have a degree, to go far in life..." blah blah blah, I have heard it all. *For those that don't know, I have almost made Aliyah twice in the past 2 and half years.* I wasn't ready then, I didn't have a plan, I just almost got up and left. It was not right at the time and I did play a ton with all the advice from friends, mentors, and family.

So why is the third time, the right time? Well I have a plan, I have a pull to Israel and I can't resist it any longer. I am not making Aliyah, but going for three months to learn Hebrew in Ulpan (Hebrew School) and then I am volunteering in the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) for 10 to 16+ Months, thru Mahal. I will be a full Solider serving along side Israelis, as an American. After the service, I will enjoy all the benefits of a discharged solider. My steps after the IDF is still up in the air, but currently I plan on returning to CU Boulder and finish up my degree, maybe theatre or get one of the 1st degrees from the Jewish Studies Program (That would be exciting!). I have a ton of options and I might stay in Israel and finish a degree there.

--Next Blog, Deciding what Ulpan to Study at: