Friday, February 26, 2010

New Kibbutz

Hey everyone, so a long needed update for all my friends and family out there.

I'm now all settled into my new apartment. Its a big room and I have a roommate and then there are four other rooms with soldiers. My roommate is really cool, he is 21 and from Mexico. He is here only on the weekends. Therefore I have the whole place mostly to myself, which is nice. It has been really boring though...I have been relaxing, partying, suntanning, hanging out with friends, and making new friends. Its a really great time, but I now watch a lot of TV, which I haven't really ever done in my life. TV here is so bad too, they only plus is I kinda learn Hebrew, with the subtitles.

I have found a cure to the boredom though. I got a JOB! My friend, Idan, from Camp lives on my Kibbutz and his family has adopted me. The plus is that my adopted dad is the General Manager of the Kibbutz hotel. So starting on Sunday, I am going to be a waiter in the Kibbutz Hotel Restaurant. Its minimum wage and a lot of hours, so it is money. I need to save up for my April trip to Amsterdam with my Mom to visit family.

So many of you know I've been having some stomach problems and its not been so good. Everything I was eating was making me sick. Well now and after a few bad doctor appointments with tests I believe now I'm a Celiac and Lactose Intolerant. Well we think, and so far not eating wheat, gluten, and dairy I've been feeling better, but something I feel is still up, so I'm still trying to figure out what is going on in my belly.

Well thats it for now, oh and enjoy these pictures on my backyard. Love you all. Army in Two Months! I  am going to start getting ready...