Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Got Sick...blah.

Last week was quiet routine and boring. Except I tried to change jobs...it was a maybe and now its still a maybe...

Wed I got sick, but I went to work...It was a very hard day at work in the sun, which didn't help much. At the end of the day I just went to sleep until Dinner. On Thursday I went to half a day of class because I was getting a killer headache and sore throat. Friday, I woke up and could hardly move. It keep getting worse. I sleep until about 1pm and then decited that I was going to meet up with a friend from camp for Friday night. I hadn't talked to her all day and was kinda nervous about going with out talking to her first, but it was getting close to the time of the last train to Tel Aviv. I decided to go and keep calling and texting her. I got about 30min away to the train stop. I had about 20 min for the train, so I bought a round trip ticket and went to go wait for the train. About 2min before the train was supposed to come, she finally calls me back. She says don't get on the train, I can't have you over and the party was cancelled. .... ... well it was just in time, but now I had traveled away from the Kibbutz with a headache and now I had to go back...maybe a good thing. *Everything must happen for a reason.

I got to buy pain killers and throat drops so that was good. I ended up spending the shabbat on the Kibbutz trying to recover...just lots of sleep.

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