Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A random outing

Today I woke up with the same stupid sore throat and headache. I decided to get up and get some food though and its laundry day, so I had to drop off my clothes. I eat and still don't feel good, so I decide not to go to work, the only day I would have work this week. I waited around for the director to tell her how I was doing and that I couldn't go to work. Well she wanted me to go to the Kibbutz Clinic to get checked up.

Now I was thinking I would have to sign in, fill out some forms in Hebrew, wait forever and then see a doctor that would tell me that it was just viral and to drink water and get rest. Well I walked in and went to the office. She said go sit down and wait for a nurse, there is no doctor today. Well the nurses take the other two people already there first. I wait about 7 minutes and then I get called in. I sit in a chair, explain about my pain, she looks in my throat, says its to late in the morning for a test, but it looks viral. She gets me some lozenges for the pain, I pay, and leave. Very short, good, but just more lozenges. Well now I was awake and bored. I decide that I should go to Haifa and pick up my Teudat Oleh (ID of Aliyah) that I dropped off to get my name changed in it to match my Teudat Zahut. I take the buses to Haifa, get into the building with minutes before it closes at noon. I find the office, get my ID, and leave. Another quick stop, *This is rare in Israel* well I am in Haifa and nothing to do all day, so I start walking around. There are a bunch of small shops of shoes, electronics, and food. btw, I didn't know but I guess porn goes great with a shoe purchase. All of the shoe stores had porn...weird.

Well I end up near the train station. I don't know what to do, and then I got a random urge to go to the beach. So I get on the train for 5 sheckles and go to Hof HaCaramel. It was a short ride and then off right at the beach. It was a very nice beach, and empty today. I walked around in the sand and the sidewalk. There were a few people in the water, sand, restaurants, and then a bunch of random old over sunned men playing board games. I decide to get some food. I had a great meal of Shinziel, French Fries, and Salad with a margarita. It was great and then I walked some more, and chilled in the sun.

It was a good day at the beach.

So coming up this weekend I'm free from Friday until Tuesday, then I have three days of work and then off only for Shabbat. So we will see what goes on. I might go visit my family and I think all the 2007 Israel Staff guys are getting together. Should be fun!

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