Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1st day on Kibbutz

Hey all,

So today, has been very interesting. I had the most beafiful ride to the Kibbutz, over Ha Karmel mountain. It over looks Haifa, a major port town in the north of Israel. I felt almost at home, in Colorado, the mountain and trees are awesome.

I got to the kibbutz and met my roommates. One is from NY and the other from NJ, both younger. I met some others at first and I felt very strange. If many of you know me, I would be the one to be outgoing and talkative, but here, I'm quiet and just wearing my sunglasses in the corner. I went to lunch, it was ok, and I sat and met a few new people from my uplan. There are people from Sweden, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, London, and America. I am finding myself speaking Hebrew, just because its the one language that we all can relate too. So I guess this is good.

I am living in a small room with two others, and there is about 47 other people on the Ulpan from 17-29...quiet the range.

Tonight we all decided to go out and visit the nearby town and get to know each-other. Everyone is being very friendly and its been good so far. One guy I have gotten along with is from Australia and he is a lot of fun. We both have made Aliyah and have to go to the Army after Kibbutz.

So more to come...

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