Friday, August 28, 2009

3rd and 4th day

Thursday was quiet the fun day. Six of us started out the morning by leaving for the beach at 9am. We have been going to Kirat Hiam's Beach, about 10-15mins away by Taxi. The beach is really nice, but the water has a lot of trash in it and little fish that nibble on you. Its always really hot, but the water is perfect. We came back for a meeting at 2pm to talk more about life at the Ulpan and rules that need to be followed. I always love when they give you the rules only after you have broke the rules...Also all the Olim Hadashim stayed behind to make sure we all had our paper work done.

After the meeting, a few of us Olim needed to go to the Bank and get our Health insurance card. We decided to walk to Kirat Atta, about 20 min walk to the town. The people I was with were really slow and we all had our own place to stop. We finally got to the bank, so I could make a deposit. btw, the banks suck and charge you all kinds of money even to make a deposit. Then we needed to go to the Kupot Holim, Health Insurance, to show that we paid the registration fee. Then the rest of the group wanted to check out a near by workout gym and see about a membership. On the way there the girls realized that they left the bags at a mini mart. So I went with them to get the bags and the other guys went to the gym. After we found the bags...thank g-d, we got Ice Cream and took a Taxi back to the kibbutz. We made it back just in time for Dinner.

After dinner it was time to get ready for our first night at the Kibbutz pub. We hung out around our dorms for a bit and then went to the pub. There was the kibbutz's band covering the Beatles. The music was really good and the singing alright. I decided that I had enough of the Ulpanim I was with and wanted to meet some of the Kibbutzim. I started talking to a guy and his girl friend. We got into a really good discussion about Israel and why I make Aliyah. Later I also got in a good discussion with some of my friends from the Ulpan about being Jewish and living in Israel.

*After this, about 3am, is when my night got really crazy. My roommate decided to go out after drinking a lot on the kibbutz and better yet, he was with the two of the craziest kids here. I was pretty worried about him, as he is young and already very drunk before leaving. So me and my other roommate headed out to the Bar in Town. We got there and picked him up and took him back. When we were leaving I noticed that I didn't have my phone, and the taxi just arrived. I searched all over looking for it in the bar and no luck. Shit. Well I needed to get my roommate back so we left. We pretty much had to carry him back to the room from the taxi. What a night.

Now Friday should have been a good day to sleep in, but we had to have a tour of the kibbutz at 9am. Wow, this should be fun. We dragged our selves around and saw the kindergarten, store, offices, heath center, horse barn, milking room, and cow pins...and then we had another meeting about the rules for about 45min...oy vay...we were dying. Then ended our meeting with a very nice and short Shabbat Welcome, because then we are allowed to leave after this for Shabbat. I did the kiddish!

Then to lunch and BED. Well Tonight is shabbat and the whole kibbutz is getting together for services and dinner. I can't wait.


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