Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Final steps before leaving...

I have two more weeks until my flight to the Holy Land!

I have now completed everything on the US side of things for my Aliyah. I have my visa, flight, completed application, name change, and registration for Kibbutz Ulpan. I just now have to get on the flight. Once on the flight, Nefesh B'Nefesh has government officials start processing all of the required documents and submitting everything for my Israeli ID card and passport. 

Yes, its now official. My name will be printed on my Israeli ID card: צבי דרלינג Tzvi Darling

Plans for arrival:
You can come to the Airport at JFK on August 18th at 12:30pm for a short ceremony or if your in Israeli register online for the giant ceremony Click HERE to register

I am still working on what I'm going to do for the 10 days before my Ulpan begins. Or has offered a homebase...so if you want to hangout let me know!

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