Wednesday, August 26, 2009

2nd Day of Ramat Yochanan

Its been a good day, today. I woke up, with a bit of headache. In the morning we had a Hebrew placement test. We mostly sat around and waited to be called for the Hebrew interview and to take a written test. I just called and went to take the test. It was easy at the beginning, just filling in the blank of basic sentences. Towards the end, it got a bit hard...I think that the test started talking about future and past I missed a few. Then we interviewed with the teachers.

I did really well and I know that I'm going not to be in Level one! Thank you Zilla...I learned something.

After the test we ate and then went to the beach just north of Haifa. It was perfect, just soaking up the sun and washing the sea water out of my mouth and eyes. Getting to the beach was fun...One taxi, and two buses but 10 shekles. On the way back we just decided to take a was 12 shekles a I think we take the taxi's now. I'm really starting to get tan...believe it or not.

More people have come today and seem pretty cool. I have gotten to know most of the people better, and there are some kool kats.

Tomorrow I will find out what class i'm in and the level...and tomorrow night the kibbutz pub is open and there is going to be a Beatles cover band...I have heard this is the entertainment for the Kibbutim; watching the new students get drunk and try to dance while they sit back and enjoy the show...I'm thinking that I will try to blend in with the Kibbutzim and make fun of all my classmates with them...good plan? IDK.

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